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Sake Playing Cards



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"What is Sake Trump?" A Next-Generation Deck of Cards ※Currently, delivery is only available within Japan. "Sake Playing Cards is a next-generation deck of cards that allows you to learn about and enjoy the world of Japanese sake while having fun. You can play card games and, at the same time, explore the knowledge and charm of Japanese sake. Gather your friends and share the joy of sake while sipping on it. ▼ Get Sake Playing Cards with Special Gift Bag here ★彡:・:☆彡:・:★彡:・:☆彡:・:★彡:・:☆彡:・:★彡:・:☆ Sake Playing Cards are beloved by people of all ages, both in Japan and abroad. Sake Trump is pocket-sized, making it easy to carry with you at all times, allowing you to casually explore the knowledge and allure of Japanese sake. ★彡:・:☆彡:・:★彡:・:☆彡:・:★彡:・:☆彡:・:★彡:・:☆ The major features of Sake Playing Cards are as follows 54 essential keywords Simple explanations of Keywords Intuitive illustrations Expanded Online Learning Learn more about Japan’s prefectures. Freedom to Play Anyway You Like ▼ For more product details, click here